// CupcakeCamp – A BarCamp-inspired event created by Ariel Waldman in 2008 “for fun”. The premise of the event is that all attendees bring and eat cupcakes for free, somewhat like a massive potluck. Ariel wrote open source instructions for how anyone can organize a CupcakeCamp in their own city, which quickly received international press, expanding CupcakeCamp into over 60 cities in ten different countries.

// Engadget: Movie Gadget Friday – Ariel is the former author of the science fiction column for Engadget titled Movie Gadget Friday. The column highlighted the lovable and lame gadgets from the world of cinema.

// Future of Science – Invisibility cloaks. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence. A Facebook for genes. These were just a few of the topics Ariel explored with a team at Institute For The Future (IFTF) on the “Future of Science“, which included a forecast map. While this project concluded in 2012, Ariel continues to run the Future Of Science blog, capturing the latest future-facing stories in science.

// Mars From Space – A site displaying photos of Mars from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft in a beautifully paired-down mosaic. It was created in under six hours at a Mars Hacakathon by Ariel Waldman and Lisa Ballard, motivated in-part by the lack of publicity that the spacecraft receives.

// NASA CoLab – Ariel Waldman worked at NASA as a program coordinator for CoLab. NASA CoLab connected communities inside and outside NASA to collaborate. From providing a framework for people to work directly with NASA scientists to supporting open source projects, the program stimulated exploration surrounding the space program. Through these collaborations, the program helped NASA become more open and innovative, as well as empowered individuals to contribute to space exploration.

// Seahack.org – A directory of ways to participate in sea exploration, created by Ariel Waldman and Lisa Ballard. It is a companion site to Spacehack.org, which launched five years prior. Space and the sea both offer seemingly endless alien worlds to explore.

// UX in OUTER SPACE – An exciting night of talks Ariel curated on the weirdness and challenges of designing for user experience in orbit and beyond. The event featured sci-fi researchers, NASA designers, and interstellar message composers. The event was mainly targeted to the Interaction Design Association community in San Francisco.