Posted on Sep 27, 2012

Fast Company has an ongoing series titled “Generation Flux” that recently featured my story of how and why I got into space exploration and science.

And, if you’re in San Francisco, check out the October issue of 7×7 magazine – I’m featured in their “Hot 30” list! The photoshoot was quite fun (even though I’ve got my serious “mad scientist” face on). A quick correction to the article: the very first Science Hack Day was conceived of and created by Jeremy Keith.

I often struggle with an accurate “title” for myself when people ask what I do, but this month I’ll stick with these two articles and go with something along the lines of a “mad rocket scientist”.

Here’s a couple of test shots taken during the photoshoot:

Sneak peek from my photoshoot today

7x7 photoshoot

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  1. veronica
    September 27, 2012

    Sweet!! I was in that list a while back, I think I was most excited that they had the party at AT&T park right on the field! We also got good whiskey ;)

    Congrats, lots of well-deserved recognition of your awesomeness!