Posted on Dec 12, 2011

Full spread in Linux Format

Okay, I’m not precisely the hot centerfold spread (that was saved for a revealing penguin shot), but I was put on the cover of Linux Format! I tried to talk the interviewers into making the cover a picture of Tux in an astronaut suit (like GitHub’s octonaut) – sadly this didn’t come to fruition.

Here’s the PDF of the article, or you can go buy the full magazine here.

A quick correction in the article that I alerted the writers about: Jeremy Keith is the original founder of Science Hack Day in London – I founded the second Science Hack Day in SF (which I should probably write a blog post about) and am leading up the charge in helping others create Science Hack Days around the world.

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  1. kevin kwok
    February 6, 2012

    i saw your lecture at ixda12, i think youre great. would love to work with you someday, i also think i have a geek crush on you.